24 July 2012

What i wore: Sheer Maxi

I love summer sun but lets just admit it that sweating from a heat wave isn't the cutest. I always gravitate towards simple and chic pieces for an outfit to stay cool in the heat. I decided to pair my sheer maxi skirt (seen on my most recent summer haul) with a basic tank top and balance the look with my favorite vintage belt.

Since the outfit is pretty muted with my classic black and taupe, i added an arm full of brightly colored bracelets for color and fun! As much as i love the current color trends, black will forever be my staple go-to color. So to stay trendy and at the same time add color to my wardrobe i use a lot of colored, statement accessories. It's such an easy way to change the look of basic pieces!

Black basic tank, Forever 21
Sheer maxi skirt, TJmaxx
Vintage leather belt, thrifted
Marc Jacobs satchel, Nordstrom
Arm accessories, H&M

I'm not the biggest fan of wearing a lot of makeup during the summer but there's always tricks to creating a natural summer look without overdoing it. For my makeup i decided to go with a dewy, summer glow look and to help the makeup last under the sun and heat, always remember to set your makeup!

Bareminerals "Tinted" Mineral Veil
Revlon Whipped foundation "Warm Golden"
Revlon Photoready concealer "Medium"
Benefit bronzer "Hoola"
Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner "Blackest black"
Wet n' Wild Coloricon eyeshadow "Walking on eggshells"
Benefit highlighter "High beam"
MAC Mineralize blush "Super Nova"

NARS lipgloss "Chihuahua" 
MAC lipstick "Shy girl"
EOS lip balm "Strawberry Sorbet"

18 July 2012

Good food, great company

This past weekend was (MN) Restaurant week so i let my inner foodie run rampant as i celebrate good food with great company! Yes, I am a self proclaimed foodie, though you may not think so from first glance but i never hold myself back from indulging in good food.

A small group of friends and i decided to make reservations at Rosa Mexicano, a spanish restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Restaurant week offers a special list of participating restaurants to offer a sampling of their best dishes for a 3-4 course meal at a set price. This is perfect for foodies like me because you can try out new restaurants and new eats!

This was our first time at Rosa's and we were immediately impressed by the set up and ambiance of the restaurant. It had a very open and lively feeling with spanish music playing in the background in a dimly lit dinning room. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our cocktails! The food was pretty good but the fresh, handmade table-side prepared guacamole won the night over.

Patiently waiting to cross the street

Heartbreaker top
H&M Scalloped shorts
Marc Jacobs Tote
H&M Necklace

My date for the night, Amy from "Tattertales"

 Rosa Mexicano

Pomegranate margarita! Dangerous little thing ;)

Freshly made guacamole!

10 July 2012

Pink dip dye hair

I don't know what it is but i've been having a hard time with color for my summer wardrobe. I find myself reaching for my safe, comfort zone, black most of the time even though i have a closet filled with a rainbow array of clothing choices! I do admit some of the seasons brighter color trends in neon are much easier to pair with trusty black.

So with that said, i decided to venture out and try my hand at color ombre-ing(?) my hair! I thought it would make up for my lack of color in outfit choices and just for the pure fun of it. I've never been hesitant to try different colors/styles with my hair so here we go!

If you follow my tumblr, where i post all my fashion/style inspiration photos (http://thesassafras.tumblr.com/), then you may have seen the colored hair pictures i've recently been obsessing over. 

For those who are not as familiar with the funky hair trend i speak of, check this out:

So, i know you are thinking this model has platinum blonde hair and i'm an asian brunette but there's no rule that says you have to be blonde to achieve the same effect! Of course, i wouldn't mind having her head of hair on me to pull of this look but we will make do, plus a platinum blonde asian is a scary thought for me.

Okay, lets get started! As usual, the supplies i used can be purchased at your local hair supply store. I purchased everything i used at Sally's Beauty. I am using a temporary color because i wanted to try this out for fun and if you would like a more permanent color i would not suggest this product because it will only hold for ONE WASH. After you wash with shampoo and water the color will be completely removed. 

I picked up a temporary spray on color by "Streaks n' Tips" in the color Neon Pink.
I originally wanted to go for a pastel pink but there wasn't a very large color option for this temporary color and i thought i could just wash some of the pink out to take out the intensity of the color. 

Step by step

1. Wear a protective cape or clothes you don't mind getting dirty (the color gets everywhere!)
2. Start with dry hair
3. Section hair to easily spray the color on evenly
4. Spray anywhere from 3-5 inches from ends of hair to achieve an "ombre" look
5. Pat/wipe off any of the excess temporary color, it will become very drippy as you continue to spray on the color
6. Comb/brush through the ends which you applied to color to ensure the color is even
(optional) 7. Rinse quickly to less intensify the temporary color- the brand i used seemed to wash off pretty easily which defeated this step but you can also wipe your ends with a damp cloth. 
8. Once you have achieved the color you like, "set" the temporary color with hairspray. This will help the color hold better throughout the day

i do have to warn you, temporary spray on colors tend to rub off on skin and clothing so i would not recommend sleeping on your pillows, constantly touching your hair or dancing in the rain with this.

I had to sacrifice a towel to wipe off some excess color and to dry the ends after i rinsed some color out. 

Please be aware this is a messy little project! Not only will you get it all over your hands but the color tends to drip from the spray can!!!

Here is the finished product! Again, i wish it came out more pastel pink but given my hair is darker and the color choices were minimal i'm satisfied with it and it was fun while it lasted! 


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