26 October 2012

Halloween Spirit

I never actually try to keep my halloween costumes a "surprise", it just buys me lots of time to be indecisive and figure out potential costumes. This year i will be a creepy porcelain doll complete with big pink bow and a ridiculously frilly outfit (add me on Instagram or Twitter for sneak peek pics) but i'll upload pictures later on.

I'm happy i got a chance to do a few Halloween costume tutorials for you guys to give you some ideas and i had a lot of fun doing them! Come to think of it, these were my very first tutorials on my channel- Rest assured, i will try to continue creating future tutorials. **Watch the full tutorials on my channel**



15 October 2012

Thrift Seeker

Every now and then i'll need to get my thrifting fix. There's just something about thrifting for vintage and one of a kind goods that is incredibly satisfying. I have grown a lot from my days of weary thrift shopping. You have to look at everything creatively and with an open mind- lots of things can be tweaked to fit or made into something totally new! I mostly see my trips to the thrift store as new adventures.

So i decided to lug my camera along with me on one of my trips to share some unique and fabulous finds! 

Vintage dresses

Hi Amy from Tattertales! :)

Vintage Hermes? Could it be?

Brocade Jacket for $7.99!

Vintage clutches are my favorite! This is a gorgeous color 

10 October 2012

Ghost of Halloweens Past

I couldn't love dressing up for Halloween more than i do now! I know some people must be thinking, at some point you grow out of it but i think its the creative side of me that likes to take advantage of this time of year in conjuring up creative ideas.

In short, i enjoy being creative with my DIY Halloween costumes and i'm brainstorming my costume for this year. Let me know if you have any suggestions and i'll be sharing some ideas soon!

In the meantime, here are some past costumes:

Sugar Skull

(last minute) Mouse

Zombie "House Wife"

(last minute) Leopard

Creepy Marionette 


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