31 August 2012

Lace up for Fall

I have to be honest the last time i remember wearing sneakers was in high school and that wasn't even by choice because it was required for gym class. It could be the association with gym and any sort of straining physical activity that drove me to despise sneakers but leave it to fashion to transform even this to something stylish.

At first sight of this Fall shoe trend i think i cringed but the limitless ways to style the look really turned me around. The fact that this trend walks hand in hand with comfort makes this a must-have!

The fashion

Wedge sneaker fashion

1. Isabel Marant Bazil Suede $685
2. Isabel Marant Ivory & Beige $545
3. Ash Suede High-top $250

The find

Wedge sneakers finds

1. Target Selma Sneaker $30
2. Steve Madden Hilight wedge sneaker $149
3. Gojane combo high-top wedge sneaker $31

26 August 2012

"Stylspiration" Helmut Lang

Hold onto your Helmuts! (i couldn't help myself)

I've been drooling over the infamous Sugar Jacket, made famous by bloggers and the pages in fashion and now its at the top of my most coveted list. This is another ever essential, classic and stylish piece by Helmut Lang.

Exibit A

I actually do believe this is the most impeccably made (for me) jacket for the transitioning season. And to make it even harder to restrain my longing to own one....it also comes in black!

Yes, for such perfection it does come along with a price. And if you're like me- who cant seem to located the extra few Benjamin's in couch cushions and jean pockets then maybe you can settle for this inspired blazer from tobi.com!

I'd say that is definitely a stylspiration worthy find for the price of $56 compared to $575.
Have any lust worthy styles you want a "stylspiration" deal on? Just let me know below!

21 August 2012

OOTD: Off the shoulder

Off the shoulder top: Tobi.com
Mint green leggings: H&M

Sunnies: F21
Wristlet: Heartbreaker
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: H&M
Wooden Cuff: F21
Cross ring: Heartbreaker

Cream chain: Target
Locket: H&M
Feather chain: F21

20 August 2012

The final cut

It's finally here! The final cut and finished product of the Thrive Fashion House Spring/Summer Fashion Show!

Take a look at me and my team's hard work payed off at the production of our very first fashion show. Moni Alexander and I also took part in designing our very first spring/summer clothing line which you can preview in the video.

I'm so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to work along side such talented and driven individuals! I look back at this video and i'm proud to have taken part in this and hope to continue down this road motivated and supported by my loved ones and most of all, my amazing team!!!

There is MUCH more to come from team Thrive so stay tuned! And a HUGE thank you to Sarah from Hi-Fly'n Entertainment for this amazing footage.

17 August 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

I had the best birthday this year when i was surprised by my boyfriend and all my close friends in Chicago! I'm lucky to have such an amazing group of people who never fail to make me feel loved! And its never a celebration without each and every one of them. I couldn't have been happier to have them there with me. I have to give my boyfriend kudos for pulling this one over and arranging this, all the while convincing me of a whole other agenda.

The long weekend in Chicago involved a whole lot of shopping and ironically not a lot of purchasing. We stayed a few blocks from Michigan Ave. so we walked to the magnificent mile almost every day. I wanted to go to stores that weren't back at home and i wanted to treat myself to some special things. I looked and looked and tirelessly shopped with not much success but never less i had a wonderful time indulging in some delicious food!

Wow Bao is the best! We stopped by every night to pick some up!

My favorite were the curry chicken baos!

Dinner at The Purple Pig

Going up to the top of Willis Tower!

Out on the ledge! I could not look down, my knees were shaking lol


Sprinkles Cupcakes! <3

Joy Yee's in Chinatown 

last night in Chicago, decided to treat ourselves to a big seafood dinner at Shaw's

Goodbye Chicago!

14 August 2012

Camo Calling

I'm back from my mini birthday vacation to Chicago! I had an amazing time and can't wait to share my pictures and stories about my trip. I think for once in my life i was not packed well for this trip! I am guilty of excessively packing anytime i need to put things in a suitcase. Its like a guilty conscious and i just don't feel good about leaving anything behind, i have a ridiculous way of thinking.

With that said, i thought i would restrain myself from unloading my entire wardrobe's contents into my ONE allotted suitcase SHARED with my boyfriend. I packed about 4 outfits, many of which were basic essentials and one "night" outfit for my birthday dinner. To my surprise the most important piece of clothing i regretfully forgot to bring along was a light jacket.

I don't know where my common sense went when i knew the "windy city' was the "windy city" for a reason and didn't pack any type of jacket, cover up or sleeves at the very least. I've been too spoiled with the unbelievably beautiful summer weather at home. Never less i knew i would be shopping relentlessly so i made it a mission to find me a jacket! (Pictures and shopping haul coming soon!)

Jackets i wanted and jackets i found! And now i'm overcome with this obsession with a come back trend of the classic camo print military style jackets i saw every which way i turned. I know, camo walks on a fine line and usually i wouldn't dare mess with it but i actually love the edgy style it adds to any thing you can imagine pairing it with. Camo is the new black? Maybe not, yet.

03 August 2012

Savoring the summer

I can't believe it's AUGUST! Not only that but my birthday is just a week away! Although i am excited to indulge in celebration- it also makes me a little bit sad to get another year older and to know that soon, summer will come to an end again. This summer i have to admit i've been on the lazy side and have found comfort in reaching for an easy t-shirt and denim shorts but now and again, to spruce things up i know i can rely on some of my favorite classic pieces like a light blouse and cute detailed shorts. These are a few pieces i am currently obsessing over- not to mention this is an easy and chic look to pull off for day to night.

Skull Bouse, Love Culture
Scallop shorts, H&M
Marc Jacobs Satchel, Nordstrom
Shoes, ASOS
(All) Bracelets, H&M
Michael Kors Watch, Macy's


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