23 September 2012

DIY Ombre Extensions

I decided to do an update on my DIY Ombre when i got my new hair extensions. I was close to convincing myself to go back to a solid dark hair color for Fall but when it came down to it, i wasn't ready to change the ombre!

As for anyone who has darker natural hair color and want to achieve the ombre affect without damaging your hair with harsh bleaching then i highly recommend trying it on hair extensions! Human hair extensions can be colored, cut, and heat treated like regular hair. But remember to take care of your extensions like your own natural hair to make them last!

What you need:

1. Two Packs of PrismLites BLUE lightener
2. 4 fl. oz. of 20 Volume cream developer (You can use 20 or 30 depending on how light or dark your hair is)
3. Hair color applicator brush
4. Protective gloves
5. Color mixing bowl
6. Aluminum Foil (optional)

What to do:

1. Empty contents of ONE pack of lightener into mixing bowl
2. Combine HALF the contents (2 fl. oz.) of cream developer with powder lightener
3. Mix together until it becomes a thick cream consistency

4. Layout hair extensions on flat surface and brush out tangles (Place towel an foil underneath to keep clean!)
5. Apply first process of lightener to desired length of hair, work lightener in hair thoroughly for even color
6. Leave in for 35-45 min. Check on hair for desired color and rinse thoroughly 

7. After rinsing, towel dry hair and repeat steps for combing developer and lightener
8. Apply second process of lightener to desired length of hair on ends
9. Leave in for 45-60 mins. Check hair for desired color and rinse thoroughly
10. Deep condition ends and length of hair that was bleached! 

11 September 2012

DIY Studded Camo Jacket

I mentioned in a previous post that i was one day going to get my hands on a funky camo jacket for Fall and like a sign of fate i went thrifting one day and came across this gem. It was meant for me and meant for the perfect DIY!

Studded Camo Jacket DIY

Materials needed:
1. Camo Jacket
2. Studs (i used cones & pyramid studs)
3. Scissors
4. Pliers
5. Patience

It's pretty simple, just stud where you'd like on the Jacket and you can always look up pictures for inspiration. I didn't want to go on a studding frenzy so i did the collar tips as well as the shoulders. Studding just those areas took me about 45 mins. that's why i say, you've got to be somewhat patient for this project cause your hands will start to hurt after a bit of studding. OOTD with this jacket is soon to come. Happy studding!

(it maybe a tad roughed up but it gives it character <3 esp. after 5+ washes)

09 September 2012

Zara September 2012 LookBook Favorites

[pictures courtesy of Zara.com]

I love the combination of textures and materials for this Fall and Zara does not disappoint per usual with their current selection of jackets. Can we all agree the best thing about Fall is jackets!? I don't know how else to put it but...i need that last jacket in my life or i don't want to exist!

06 September 2012


I'm excited to attend FNO tonight and do some coverage for you guys! Last year i worked the Fashion's Night Out event for Nordstrom and missed out on the actual fun. Now all i have to worry about is what to wear...


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