11 September 2012

DIY Studded Camo Jacket

I mentioned in a previous post that i was one day going to get my hands on a funky camo jacket for Fall and like a sign of fate i went thrifting one day and came across this gem. It was meant for me and meant for the perfect DIY!

Studded Camo Jacket DIY

Materials needed:
1. Camo Jacket
2. Studs (i used cones & pyramid studs)
3. Scissors
4. Pliers
5. Patience

It's pretty simple, just stud where you'd like on the Jacket and you can always look up pictures for inspiration. I didn't want to go on a studding frenzy so i did the collar tips as well as the shoulders. Studding just those areas took me about 45 mins. that's why i say, you've got to be somewhat patient for this project cause your hands will start to hurt after a bit of studding. OOTD with this jacket is soon to come. Happy studding!

(it maybe a tad roughed up but it gives it character <3 esp. after 5+ washes)


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