28 November 2012

Neck Party


Source: www.sincerelyjules.com
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Source: fashiolista.com

Thats right, if you can have an "arm party" you can most definitely have a neck party! Now that seasons have changed, i've dug out my sweaters and long sleeves to bundle up. Although this is a necessity, it does nothing for my arm party; so i've adverted to necklaces of all kinds.

I've really been inspired to create interesting and unexpected layered necklace looks paired with really simple outfits. I think the layered (borderline gaudy) look perfectly suits and balances a basic top. With the holidays near, you can easily add a bit of sparkle and interest to any outfit with statement layering pieces. I've also developed a liking for mixing metals, colors & textures- the possibilities are endless!

12 November 2012

DIY Studs & Embellishments

I've been coveting this trend thats been going around and i finally decided to put on my crafty pants to stud and embellish a few basic pieces out of the closet. Good news is i ended up saving my wallet on this project with inexpensive materials found at the craft store and an old forgotten sweatshirt ($10) from Wal-Mart along with a thrifted camo jacket ($5, in the video i accidentally said $3- forgive me).

Speaking of the video, you can watch it here :


1. Zara Applique collar blouse $79
2. Zara Camouflage Short &79
3. Zara Mohair sweater embellished sleeves $129


06 November 2012

The Knitty Gritty

Although i am not a fan of the dropping temperatures and the slow realization that winter is near- there is something i completely love about crawling into a big, billowy, knit sweater. People always wonder why i prefer over sized knits for my petite build but honestly how can you not like feeling like you are wearing a cozy blanket around? I'll take two! Its one of the things i look forward to with colder weather. 



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