07 July 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Collection 2013

If you guys have seen my past favorites videos i have mentioned my love for Maybelline Baby Lips on several occasions. One of my favorite shades that i always keep around is in "Cherry Me", which is a sheer red tint. If you are someone who is still afraid of too much color, i highly suggest trying these lip balms because of the nice sheer color payoff they give.

I've found that these are either hit or miss with a lot of people because they either expect it to be the best moisturizing lip balm or the most pigmented in color but i actually think the Baby Lips are a perfect medium in that they give a good amount of build-able sheer color while also keeping your lips fairly moisturized. More than anything, i really like these because of the easy to wear color it gives your lips but i would not solely depend on these lip balms to keep your lips moisturized for 8 hours, as the packaging suggests.

Maybelline recently released the NEW Baby Lips Electro Collection 2013 and i just couldn't resist in picking a couple up. They spruced up the packaging of the tube and changed it to all black with bright variations of neon writing. I am loving the aesthetic appeal of these for the summer! The colors and the full collection can be seen here.

1. Strike A Rose
2. Berry Bomb


drinkcitra said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these! Love the shades you picked :)

Le Sassafras said...

@drinkcitra i feel like they are almost more pigmented than the original ones but maybe bc they are so much brighter? im addicted though lol

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